Welcome to my blog!

Hello! I am Teagraves, a skeptic by nature but a pagan at heart. My skepticism keeps me grounded and contributes to rational thought, while exploration of paganism fills that common and natural need to feel connected to something, and puts a little magic into my world. I don’t feel that skepticism or even non-theism necessarily clashes with all of pagan thought (though some paths and ideologies are obviously incompatible). I understand that many paths are theistic in nature, which is fine. There are so many ways to experience life and the gods and the universe that I hardly feel out of place. It is the wide, wide umbrella of paganism and the potential for self-expression and personally fulfilling practice that so drew me in. Since I’ve moved beyond the idea that there could only be one god or no god, I feel liberated and much more comfortable exploring my spirituality.

Again, I welcome any readers passing through, and hope that you will enjoy reading my musings and sharing your thoughts, as well.


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